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Welcome to In Mind Therapies Health and Wellbeing Practice! We are delighted to have been nominated for a 2020 Rossendale Business Award!


I am an Integrative therapist with a passion for working with adults, young people and children – helping them to improve and positively maintain their emotional wellbeing and health. I utlise a number of therapies, techniques and modalities within my practice and our work together is always based around what is most appropriate for you.  I provide 1-1 sessions, workshops and training. I also deliver a Wellbeing Programme for schools and colleges, Stress Management Training and Mindfulness Sessions for individuals and organisations. 

In Mind Therapies doesn’t wait for change, we help you create it….


Qualifications, Associations, Training and Professional Bodies

BA (Hon) Degree – Reading University

As a therapist I am a member of the Complimentary Natural Healthcare Council’s (CNHC) Accredited Register. CNHC is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care as the holder of an Accredited Register.

I am a licensed Mindfulness Now Teacher and Practitioner with over 13 years experience in Meditation.

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and a General Hypnotherapy Standards Council Accredited Practitioner.

I hold an Advanced Diploma in Creative Hypnotherapy (ADCHyp) after training with the Northern College of Creative Hypnotherapy based at Manchester and also the GQHP, the General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice awarded by the GHSC. 

GHSC maintains robust assessment and validation criteria for both Training Schools and Practitioners, together with a comprehensive code of ethics and accessible and complaints and disciplinary procedures -essential components of the constant drive for public safety assurance and accountability.” (GHSC)

I have trained with specialist and Professor Yori Gridiron, who has worked on international disasters and terror responses in Japan, Nepal, Haiti and Israel and am privileged to be one of the first group of professionals in the Uk to be trained and be part of the Heads Up Emergency Response Unit. Heads Up provides cognitive psychological first aid to overcome and reduce trauma, acute stress and post traumatic stress disorder.  

I am also a HISP Programme Practitioner, providing specialised therapeutic intervention in schools for pupils and staff in educational settings.

I am fully insured and abide by the strict code of ethics set out by my association, which includes undertaking regular supervision. As part of my commitment to ensuring clients receive a high standard of care, I undertake extensive CPD training.



My prior experience includes working with children and young people in a variety of settings and includes working in the Youth Service and also as a Drama Workshops facilitator in Austria.  An advocate of working with young people to raise self esteem and aspirations, after graduating, I created and delivered Young Women’s Projects in East Lancashire. Enabling young women with children, to have a safe space to explore issues and working creatively to promote increased self awareness and confidence, was a central mission. Discovering that some of the young women, returned to education and continued their studies through to University, emphasised to me, the important relationship between healthy self esteem, positive mental health and aspirations.

My philosophy “Positive minds create positive futures “ was founded upon this work and is integral to the ethos of In Mind Therapies. Developing and delivering workshops and sessions that support, educate and empower, continues to be an integral part of my role today. How we think and feel about ourselves can have a profound effect on our lives, influencing our attitude, behaviour and the choices that we make. Having a healthy self esteem is an important part of being able to cope with the ups and downs of life and shaping the future positively. Developing and delivering workshops and sessions that are empowering and help children and adults, to create positive futures, is an integral part of my role today.

A number of years as a committed and active School Governor, has given me valuable insight into schools; in particular, the barriers to learning that pupils and staff face can within educational settings. My involvement with teaching and learning, exclusion review and pupil development has been instrumental in my decision to work  in schools. Improving and maintaining emotional well being and promoting the importance of positive mental health is a key factor in enabling our children to reach their potential. Equipping the adults of tomorrow with the skills and knowledge to help them cope with thoughts and feelings will make a positive and lasting difference to their futures. In Mind Therapies In Schools Programme offers a range of sessions that offers support to children, young people and staff within educational settings. I believe passionately that supporting, educating and empowering  our young people is the way forward. 

Living in an ever increasing, fast paced world where demands and expectations can exceed our limits, I have a personal and professional interest in stress management ; advocating the importance of understanding the mind-body link and how it can influence and improve health and well-being.  I utilise a variety of  techniques within my work, including Mindfulness and Meditation. The training, sessions and workshops that I create and deliver for individuals as well as staff  in schools and organisations, are designed to give attendees tools and techniques that can be incorporated and utilised in every day life. 

My later experience working with adults in residential social care and then latterly as a carer within my own family for a number of years, has enriched and broadened my understanding of working professionally within the field of care and heightened awareness of the issues involved in caring.  Promoting the health and wellbeing of those that care is often overlooked and In Mind Therapies advocates the importance of self care for carers. These personal and powerful experiences, have inspired the work that I do today…

The Way I Work

In Mind Therapies loves positive solutions and empowering people with the tools to make positive changes in their lives. Helping people to improve health and wellbeing  is at the heart of how I work. I believe that we all need a helping hand at times, especially when we face life’s challenges. In Mind Therapies aims to work in a way that is right for you; we recognise each person is unique. This work is all about you-helping you to find positive solutions so that you can move forward in your life is a shared goal. Whether it is change, relief, resolution or understanding that you wish to work towards, you will be given support and a safe space to resolve your issue. 

I am an integrative therapist and have a range of tools that can be used to help clients. I utilise a number of therapies, models and techniques which ensures the work is interesting and insightful, as well as beneficial. CPD work is important to me and means I am constantly learning and enhancing my skills and knowledge. Whatever approach we use, whether it is Mindfulness, Cognitive based approaches, Stress management or Hypnotherapy, we will always discuss this together. 

The workshops I create and deliver promote the importance of  taking care of emotional health and wellbeing. In Mind Therapies recognise that maintaining positive mental health is fundamental to a person’s health and wellbeing. The wide range of workshops available include self esteem, self development, health and wellbeing and stress management. They encourage people to adopt self help techniques that can help to improve their health and wellbeing.

Each session is bespoke and facilitated according to the needs of the individual or group. They are always delivered with personal empowerment in mind and aim to offer solutions for our hectic world.  Be assured that if another therapy would suit your needs better, or be more beneficial, I will always discuss this with you. As a responsible practitioner, your welfare is important.

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GHR Register Number- 6189. CNHC Register Number-00047-E14.

HISP Practitioner Membership – ACAR-0216.