Make this year a positive one…

Happy New Year !

Making New Year resolutions can seem easy, but keeping them is often another matter. Whether you have resolved to lose weight, get fit, give up smoking or be less stressed, the main ingredient is to be positive. Focusing on the benefits that you will gain and visualising it can be a big help in keeping motivation going. Having a reason or an end result can help massively too.

Want to lose weight for a wedding ? Want to give up smoking before trying for a baby ? Want to seek help for a fear of flying, so you can enjoy a holiday at last ?

Visualise the outcome as if it has happened already ! See yourself at the weight you want to be, see yourself as a non smoker and pregnant, see yourself on the holiday you have always wanted. It can be very easy to become demotivated and fall into a ” can’t do it ” phase. Just remember, athletes train regularly in order to achieve their goals. Believe it or not, you can re- train your mind, change your thoughts and quite simply change your life and achieve your goal.

In Mind Therapies can help you with this process. Do something today that your future self will thank you for !

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