Stress Management

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We live in a busy, fast paced world filled with ever increasing demands and pressures. Stress can have a negative impact upon health, wellbeing and the quality of your life. Learning how to spot the signs of stress and what you can do to reduce it, can have a positive and beneficial effect on all areas of your life. Here at In Mind Therapies, we believe that Stress Management is a crucial tool in maintaining wellness. We provide bespoke sessions, workshops and training that aim to empower adults, children and young people with tools that can help them in every day life.

  • 1-1 Stress management
  • Workshops 
  • Staff Stress Management and Wellbeing 
  • Training

Our Positive Minds In Schools Wellbeing Programme provides stress management for staff in schools and also provides techniques to help pupils manage thoughts and feelings so that they can be happy, healthy and achieve. Please click on the link for more information about supporting staff wellbeing in education.

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