Here are some examples of what people have said about In Mind Therapies sessions, stress management training and workshops…


1-1 Sessions

“I didn’t have a panic attack whilst I was out or before I went out. I didn’t have one at all! … Something has definitely changed. Thank you so much! My mum can’t believe it either! It’s like a new me!”

” I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am for the help I received from In Mind Therapies. I feel like a better version of the person I was before. I’m so much more aware of how important it is to take care of your mind and attending the sessions has made me look deeper into mindfulness.”

” PS – whatever was said to my subconscious is working, since yesterday, I’ve caught up with 6 weeks worth of work!!”

“Anne makes you feel so comfortable and at ease when talking about your issues which is so important. She’s encouraged me to make positive changes in my life and honestly has changed my outlook on many things. For the year I spent feeling so low, I can’t believe how quick and effective the sessions have been. I can’t even put into words how grateful I am for the help I have received- thank you for helping me to be a better version of me.”

” .. It had just got me stuck in this almost “limbo” where I wanted to be happy and tried but couldn’t….the issue has been resolved, I actually feel like I can live my life now and not be afraid of it. Thank you!

Hi. Just to let you know, I feel so much better ! “

” ..there are many changes. I feel strong inside. Thanks so much for your help. “

” Dear Anne, my experience at In Mind Therapies was very relaxing. I felt under no pressure whatsoever and my session was helpful and rewarding. I felt so much more content afterwards, which gave me more confidence to take back control. Thank you so much. “

” It’s been amazing- I have learnt so much about myself. “

” I feel so much better without panicking and having all those terrible thoughts in my head now. Thank you so much for all your help. “

” It helped me to see things in a different light and to help and heal myself in different situations . Loved it and thank you so much. “

” I feel stronger and feel that the future may well have something good for me . “

” It has been invaluable to me …this is the ‘ icing on the cake’ of recovery. I have gained lots of tools/skills to go forward with a positive attitude.”

” My low self-esteem, loss of confidence, anxiety attacks are all much improved with these courses. Thank you Anne. “

” Dear Anne- I would like to leave a testimonial and the willingness for anyone to contact me regarding the results of your therapies. I have just got back from my friend’s place and to see the changes in her over only 3 sessions is truly amazing! It gives me the opportunity to step back and allow the full impact of her new found confidence and positivity take over. She was in a very dark place- and barely keeping afloat. Now she is taking on new things in a way I could only dream of, for her. Brilliant results, and it is not over yet! Your therapies affect those surrounding the client too! It is wonderful to see the developments happening. Thank you so much – I know you go “above and beyond” what is required…”

” It’s nothing less than miraculous ….she has a zest for living that I never thought I would see in her. I would just like to thank you for all the help you gave and what a difference it has made to her life – with the added “knock on” effect of giving those around her a new way of looking at life-including me. She used to spend a lot of time worrying about things, sleepless nights and long laborious days. Her energy has increased and her wholehearted zest for life is something to behold….And for anyone who thinks you only deal with young ones – think again, my friend is 70 and I am 64 soon. A big thank you and keep on doing what you do – it works!!”


A Parent’s Story

” Before my daughter began her session’s, she had become very withdrawn, upset and did not want to socialise with friends. She had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression by her doctor. It was extremely upsetting seeing her like this, as she was normally a very outgoing and bubbly person. After a few sessions we could see a remarkable difference and soon we got our bubbly and happy daughter back! I dread to think what she would have been like if she hadn’t seen you as she was on a NHS waiting list and would not have been seen for 3 months. We cannot thank you enough for how you have helped our daughter get back to her normal self. Thank you so much.”



Wellbeing Workshops

” Brilliant workshop ! Interesting , pragmatic, very helpful. Life changing- simple as that. Definitely recommend these sessions to everyone.”

” A fantastic weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Left me feeling lighter in mind & body. Loved it. Will recommend these workshops, can’t promote them enough!”


” This workshop has been a catalyst for a ‘ new me ‘ and the ‘ me’ that I had forgotten I was. Thank you ! “

” I felt very inspired.. learned new skills & a better attitude towards my life. Most definitely will be recommending these workshops.”

” Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. It has given me hope and certainty that my life can be improved upon by using simple techniques, with profound results. “

” Really enjoyed the workshop – it was interesting, enjoyable and surprising. I have learnt many new self healing techniques and how to let go of unhealthy emotions – Loved it . “

” I have enjoyed the 4 day workshop immensely. I feel I’ve gained a lot from it and learned lots of useful tool to use in the future. Thank you ! “


” Loved it. Very enlightening. I feel that I have turned a corner and feel more positive about the future. Thank you so much.”

” Lovely uplifting day.”

“Really enjoyed the morning – excellent and informative.”

” The tutor was excellent and I felt was in tune with carers.”

“I’ve enjoyed all of it!”

“I have really enjoyed it all and I’m glad I pulled out all the stops to come. Well worth the effort and I’ve met some lovely people.”


Stress Management Training 


“Anne was a brilliant facilitator …”

“Really useful and worth while attending. Feel totally chilled out! “

“Excellent training day. Anne was a great trainer and clarified and reminded us of the importance of our well being.”

“I must say I really enjoyed it. It was good to see everyone contributing and being open and honest about their own health and stress”

“Very well delivered. Interesting session. “

“Enjoyed it ! Some good tips to de stress.”

“Excellent trainer- thoroughly relevant and very helpful.”

“Fantastic course. Thank you.”¬†

” The techniques, I found very useful as well as enjoyable and will use them again in the future. “

“Very good ! I look forward to the next session.”